We are an international supplier of sandwich panels, composites, lightweight honeycomb or foam cores and furniture

We have been active participants in a field that is continually changing for the past 30 years with real-world design and construction solutions. Product successes are significant milestones in our work, but the collection of components that make our organisation composite and sturdy is what makes us most proud. Just like our panels.


Innovation, the driving force behind every choice

Countless combinations for infinite applications, a result achieved by practising the art of experimentation. Responding to explicit requests on a daily basis is challenging, but we make it possible by studying and testing skins, cores, glues, and couplings nonstop.

Our people, their expertise

Responsibility and growth are tracks on which we run where nobody is left behind. We give our people the attention they deserve so that their well-being and curiosity remain their evolutionary driving force and the common denominator of the CEL Components ecosystem.

Customers and partners, trust, genuine trust

We extend our gratitude for what we have accomplished to those who have come to understand that our words are distinctive and always accompanied by facts. For those who have yet to discover us, CEL Components is the reliable interlocutor, the experienced and influential ally, with whom you can deal with the commitments and changes that the natural evolution of your daily work may put in front of you.

Some of the sectors in which we work include construction, cladding, transportation, restoration, and furniture, but these are insufficient to fully describe us. We have a vertical product range and a horizontal application range

Sandwich and composite panels are frequently used. Their features make them essential in a multitude of applications. They have been and still are the basis for many projects across a wide range of industries. We rely on the wealth of information and experience we have collected over the years to create, sell, and distribute panels that are always forerunners in the market. Our strategy rests on five pillars.


Vertical and horizontal

We research and develop products with ever-improving performance and are always designing and manufacturing new ones. With purposes and uses for different sectors, responding to a wider range of needs than ever before.

International and local

Our production reaches the domestic and foreign markets in a balanced way. Both customer satisfaction and internationalisation are part of the CEL Components DNA.

Diversification always

The best deal is the one we make tomorrow, but we prepare for it today. New markets, new sectors, new customers. Everyone, or almost everyone, needs sandwich and composite panels.

Innovating to last

We know everything about skins, cores and glues except what we have yet to discover. Research and Development is more than an activity, it is more than a budget item. Here it is a mindset.

Light therefore sustainable

We have the chance to make a difference by developing innovative solutions to improve performance, to reduce costs in customer projects. Although it may not seem like much, our honeycombs contain recyclable aluminium, so it isn't.


The history of CEL Components, a journey into the world

Compagnia Emiliana del Levante
CEL, an acronym for Compagnia Emiliana del Levante, was founded in Bologna. It started as a consulting company specialising in mergers and acquisitions, the embryo of the future CEL Components.

Representation and resale
No sooner had it been established than it was already undergoing changes. CEL signed an exclusive agency contract for Italy with a foreign company producing thermoplastics. In addition to its offer, it included the resale of wing and sandwich panels, which continued until the early 2000s.

First move, first honeycomb work, new horizons
From Bologna to Villanova di Castenaso the road is short, but what arrived in the small business area of Cà dell'Orbo was the result of further changes in the organisation's strategy. Honeycomb was the keyword, cutting and expansion the small steps - you have to start somewhere - moving forward towards sandwich panel production. The new direction was confirmed by the company's change of name, now CEL is called CEL Components Srl.

Production took off
The ideas become clear with the purchase of pressing plants and various machines. Entire product lines and various ancillary processes were generated independently, the production cycle for standard panels became a reality as did the increase in demand from the market.
At the beginning of 2010, demand was such that although production was able to meet it, the plant had to be expanded. There was no room for further expansion, either in terms of people or machine tools, so CEL Components moved, not far away, inaugurating the new plant in Via Ca' dell'Orbo Sud 4.

In-house production, full steam ahead
Subcontractor activities decreased again, a new production line for certain product types was started.

Small adjustments, more investments
A hot/cold press was added to CEL Components , production picked up pace. Two more vertical sawing machines stepped up to handle the lively flow of panels.

New strategic plans, new headquarters on the horizon
CEL Components expanded as best it could with the space it found. The two local offices opened in the meantime in Villanova were also considered insufficient. The plan for a new, uniquely organised production site involved the purchase of a building in need of renovation. The date for the move was scheduled for 2023.

Always sandwich and composite panels, now also HPL furniture
The HPL furniture line was launched as part of the diversification strategy. Technical approach and entrepreneurial spirit remained the same. The furniture lines were produced in-house and target different user segments while retaining optimised production criteria. The new entry required the purchase of a panel saw for cutting and a product configurator for the design of ad hoc modules.
CEL Group was founded, a company with the same board of directors as CEL Components but with different commercial aims. The company exclusively handles the resale of semi-finished sandwich and honeycomb products.

Constantly keeping the future in mind
Despite the global events that have hindered many people's plans and operations, the renovation of the new headquarters is proceeding without interruption. The completion date is now set for August 2024.