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Covid protective barriers, separators and screens in Plexiglass

Protective barriers for health safety are essential nowadays. Workplaces must namely have biocontainment protections.

For over a year, the need to contain the Covid virus has led to protocols that require the use of protective barriers. In compliance with this, CEL Components produces protective barriers with its new CNC plant.


For all public places (hairdressers, pharmacies, supermarkets and payment counters in commercial establishments), public offices, open spaces, restaurants, airports, stations and for all those places where distances cannot be maintained such as means of transport, where it is necessary either to limit the spread of viruses and/or bacteria or to provide a concrete support to health protection in compliance with mandatory hygiene standards, CEL COMPONENTS offers sneeze protection barrier in plexiglass or polycarbonate, light screens, anti-contagion screens, for sales counters, cashier checkout lanes, office desks & workstations, trade show spaces. The assembly is easy since no tools are required and the models are freestanding and portable. 

Ultra-slim designs makes them almost invisible, to minimize sight distractions and promote normal interactions.

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Model A

Model B

Model C




With pass thru hole


Without hole

500x600 mm

60 €

55 €
600x1000 mm 70 € 65 €
750x1000 mm 90 € 85 €
800x1000 mm 90 € 85 €

N.B. compact components for easy shipping, and easy assembly anywhere 


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