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Sandwich Panels, Aluminum and Thermoplastics honeycombs and Foams


CEL offers a wide range of core materials: aluminium honeycombthermoplastics, aramid paper and foams. These materials can be used either in sandwich panels or individually in different applications.

Their combination offers numerous advantages:

  • rigidity, lightness, shock and fatigue resistance
  • resistance to weather, chemicals and fire
  • recyclability
  • isolation, both thermal and acoustic

Honeycombs are not only used as core of sandwich panels but are also used as a surface for laser cutting or waterjet tables and machines, in lighting and many other sectors.




LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: The above data are to the best of our knowledge correct and are intended to give information about our products and their potential applications. No warranty is given or implied in respect of certain properties of the products or their suitability for a particular application. We reserve the right for technical changes without further notice. We guarantee impeccable product quality under our terms of sale.